Winter is here and gone are the days of riding outside in shorts, swimming in lakes and hot days. Many triathletes dread this season. Over the years I have found that we can beat the winter blues through exercise. Here are my 8 favorite tips for staying in shape this winter.

1) Keep up your training. Set aside some time to create a weekly training schedule. Plan for 2 workouts in swimming, biking and running.
2) Try exercising outside. Winter running can be exhilarating. With the proper gear you may grow to love running in the cold. Consider taking out your mountain or fat bike for a spin. You may get some strange looks but the feeling you get from winter riding is well worth it.
3) Cross country skiing is a great substitute for your long run. Alberta has some great places to ski when we have snow. Skate style is my favorite type of cross country skiing and it one of the best workouts around.
4) Pick some running events. There are lots of fun winter races available. Set a goal to pick 1 fun race every 6 weeks. I promise this will do wonders for your motivation.
5) Join a group. When you have a group of training partners who meet every week you will be more accountable for training. Plus, as the saying goes, the more the merrier.
6) Sign up for a winter training camp. This is one of my favorite things to do. Travelling to a training camp in a fabulous location really helps with motivation when it is really cold out. The camp will become your carrot and you will count down the days until camp. You will feel like a kid. This year No Limits has training camps in California and Hawaii.
7) Become friends with your indoor trainer. Many of the top pro triathletes are spending more time on their trainers than on the road. If it works for them, it will work for you. Search out a new series on Netflix and make a promise to only watch while riding your bike. Watching a great series while riding is awesome and you will find that you start to look forward to your bike rides.
8) Sign up for your summer triathlon(s). Knowing that you have some big events coming up in the summer will give you a gentle kick in the butt when you do not want to train. I find this strategy especially useful for me.
There you have it. 8 tips to help with your winter training. Try a few or try them all and I bet you will quickly see a change in your attitude toward training in the cold. Staying active during the Winter months will make you a stronger athlete and you will be way ahead of your friends in the Spring who took the Winter off.
No Limits Triathlon offers coaching, camps, classes and online programs to help you stay active and motivated during these cold winter months. For more information please visit
Stay warm and active this Holiday Season!

Coach Todd Malcolm

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