There is a lot of general information listed below.  Details may vary by each individual race.

Please take the time to review them all.  This will help avoid confusion (and anger!) in the long run.

  • NO Refunds will be offered for any reason. Instead, we may offer either a full or partial rollover to another event in the current season, or the same event in the following year. After informing us that you will not be competing, we MAY confirm the rollover of your entry fee! Once registration begins for the following event or year, it will be your responsibility to contact Multisportscanada and request the use of your rollover.
  • Changes made to event courses out of our control (weather, city planning, etc) cannot be refunded.
  • We do not provide price adjustments on flash race-discounts that may occur with events
  • Any requests for rollover to another event within 2 weeks of the registered event will be denied.
  • Late entrants (within 2 weeks of the event) are not guaranteed a full race kit. Why? We need your tshirt size (and quantities) to be able to properly order for everyone….we never know how many ‘last minute’ athletes will register for each race.
  • There will be absolutely no Race Day Registration. Sign-up must occur before race day.
  • Enter Early! We cater to those athletes who pre-register. Any application that is post marked or received via email or fax two weeks before any race is considered late and will not be guaranteed event merchandise (ie. Tshirts) and/or proper sizing.
  • Confirmation packages will be emailed out the week prior to your race.
  • Results can be found on this site 12-24 hrs after the race.
  • Race Kit Pick-Up closes 1/2 hour before each event. You will not be racing if you do not come early.
  • TRICAN, ATA, & TriBC Rules are Enforced.
  • No rollovers for no-shows!
  • Wetsuits are allowed unless otherwise stated.
  • Non-ATA members will be required to pay $20.00 (Non-TriBC = $15.00) on race day for race insurance. If you are not a member and do not pay the race day fee you will NOT be permitted to race. Please join ATA for full benefits including their magazine. Call (780) 427-8616. ATA memberships are available at
  • TriBC memberships are available at


Your personal information will not be sold or used by any other company or organization other than Multisportscanada. Your information, specifically email address, may be used by Multisportscanada to promote third party marketing (deemed appropriate by Multisportscanada). If you do not wish to be solicited, your name can be deleted from our mailing list by contacting us. Detailed privacy information is available here.
PHOTOS Any photos taken by Multisportscanada can be utilized for event promotions unless otherwise indicated by an athlete PRIOR to the individual event VIA Email.



  • Athletes will receive one race number. The large number must be worn on the front for the run segment. The race numbers cannot be altered in any way or disqualification could result.
  • Competitors must wear swim cap provided by the race organizers (if provided).
  • All athletes must have their torso’s covered at all times. Men = singlet/tshirt. Women = Bra-top or shirt/singlet. Mens Torso MUST be covered AFTER the swim.
  • No athlete is allowed to have a transition space against a tree or fence. All athletes must use bike rack space. If you are late or there is no more room on the bike racks, you must use the space marked for extra bike racks.
  • Athletes must wear ANSI/SNELL approved bike helmets.
  • Athletes must mount and dismount their bikes at the entrance to the Transition Area/mount-dismount area. Riding a bike in the Transition Area will result in disqualification. Helmet straps must be fastened before mounting the bike. Athletes may not receive assistance in the transition or at any other point during the race.
  • Drafting of another competitor or motor vehicles is prohibited on the bike course. To draft is to enter the bicycle or vehicle drafting zone: • Bicycle draft zone: the bicycle draft zone will be a rectangle 3 meters wide and 10 meters long (that’s about the size of a standard city transit bus!)…. A maximum of 20 seconds will be allowed to pass through the zone of another athlete.
  • The competitor is responsible for stepping on the timing mat at each transition to obtain race splits.
  •  WETSUIT RULES – Age Group Athletes may wear wetsuits when water temperature is between 14°c – 21.9°c. Wetsuits are mandatory below 16 deg c.  Wetsuits are prohibited above 22 degrees (24.6 for age 60+)
  • A water temperature below 14 forces us to cancel the swim portion.
  • All other race rules are the jurisdiction of ATA, the provincial governing body. Registration Instructions Steps
  • TRIATHLON MEMBERSHIP: Each athlete must be a curernt triathlon association member for insurance purposes in order to race. A one-day membership is available for $20 in Alberta, $20 in British Columbia.
  • ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RISK/WAIVER: Each athlete must read and sign an acknowledgement of risk form in order to race. The form is to be signed and given to the volunteer handing out race packages (if registering late) or signed upon mailing of entry.
  • SWIM CAP: Each athlete participating in the triathlon picks up the swim cap corresponding to his or her wave and category.
  • RACE NUMBERS & TIMING CHIP: Athlete lines up at a table and tells volunteer his or her race number. The volunteer will find the number and verify that the name is correct and will hand out the appropriate timing chip. It is the athlete’s responsibility to ensure that the timing chip is collected at the finish line, whether the athlete completes the race or not. Athletes who misplace the timing chip will be charged $40. If at any point there is a problem, report to the Registration area. Race Morning Instructions Once athletes complete Registration, they proceed to the Transition Area. Athletes set-up their bike and transition supplies at the bike rack for their age group.
  • BODY MARKING: Each athlete will have his or her race number marked on the right calf and the category letter marked on the left calf. – or just age category on calf?
  • TRANSITION AREA: At the Transition Area, there is a section provided for each age and gender category, as indicated on the sign on the front of the bike rack. Athletes place all their race gear at their bike. This is the point of your personal transition during the race.
  • TIMING AREAS: As athletes enter the Transition Area during the race, they run over a mat which will beep in accordance with their timing chips. You may practice running over the mat before the race to ensure that your timing chip functions. Please report any problems with the timing chips to the timing area. At the Finish line, each athlete’s tag will be removed from his or her bib number and the timing chip will be collected. Athletes who misplace the timing chip will be charged $50. Triathlon Instructions
  • All Athletes start the race in waves that are dependent on their category. Please see wave charts posted at Registration. Relay Instructions
  • Every member of the relay team must go through the Registration process. Every member must be a member of the ATA or an affiliated triathlon association or must purchase a one day permit. The fee is $20.00 per team. All exchanges take place at the team’s bike rack, transferring timing chip to next athlete. Both the cyclist and the runner must wear the bib number on the front of his or her jersey. At the finish, the runner must maintain his or her position until the tear-off tab and timing chip have been removed.

Post-Race Instructions

  • Tear-down of the transition area must begin immediately following the finish of the last competitor. Please be considerate of race crew and remove your race gear and any litter in your transition area. Race organizers are not responsible for any items left unattended after the finish of the race.
  • Post-race party(where applicable) takes place immediately following the race. Athletes must present their bib number or meal ticket in order to receive post-race food.
  • Awards will be presented at the end of the race. If an athlete wins an award, but cannot stay to pick it up, he or she can call the Multisportscanada office and arrange to have it mailed to their address.
  • Awards will be kept for 4 weeks then sent to be recycled.
  • Draw prizes will be given out during the awards. Winners’ numbers are randomly picked by computer, out of a hat or by guessing!
  • Winners must be present at Awards to accept draw prizes.