This policy has been developed by Triathlon Alberta/Triathlon BC and utilized by Multisportscanada to make an appropriate decision when the Field of Play is impacted by low visibility or forest fire smoke. 

Full details on the protocol can be found here.

We will be utilizing the Air Quality reporting made available by each provincial government.  

Alberta –
British Columbia – Metro Vancouver – NW, British Columbia – Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) – Environment Canada (
Saskatchewan –

With a Level of 7 or greater, the event will be cancelled.  We will notify participants 72 hours in advance with the current Air Quality levels, but as conditions can change within hours, a final decision will not be made until the morning of the event.

Here’s a forecast map

As we have applied for all permits, purchased all event materials (medals, race gear and related merchandise) and committed all registrations to the event, with no possibility of getting these funds back, no refunds, credits or rollovers will be available.

If the event is cancelled, all event merchandise will be made available.  Each event will have it’s own process and participants will be notified accordingly.