** Multisport event details

Once athletes complete Registration, they proceed to the Transition Area. Athletes set-up their bike and transition supplies at the bike rack for their age group.


Each athlete will have his or her race number marked on the right calf and the category letter (or age) marked on the left calf.


At the Transition Area, there may be a section provided for each age, gender, and category, as indicated on the sign on the front of the bike rack.  If  no signage is posted, then it is ‘first come- first serve. 
Athletes place all their race gear at their bike. This is the point of your personal transition during the race.


As athletes enter the Transition Area during the race, they run over a mat which will beep in accordance with their timing chips.
At the Finish line, each athlete’s tag may be removed from his or her bib number and the timing chip will be collected.
Athletes who misplace the timing chip will be charged $50.


All Athletes start the race in waves that are dependent on their category. Please see wave charts posted at Registration.

Relay Instructions

Every member of the relay team must go through the Registration process.
Every member must be a member of the ATA or an affiliated triathlon association or must purchase a one day permit.
The fee is $20.00 per team.
All exchanges take place at the team’s bike rack, transferring timing chip to next athlete. Both the cyclist and the runner must wear the bib number on the front of his or her jersey. At the finish, the runner must maintain his or her position until the tear-off tab and timing chip have been removed.

Post-Race Instructions

Tear-down of the transition area must begin immediately following the finish of the last competitor.
Please be considerate of race crew and remove your race gear and any litter in your transition area. Race organizers are not responsible for any items left unattended after the finish of the race.

Awards will be presented at the end of the race (if posted for the specific event). If an athlete wins an award, but cannot stay to pick it up, he or she can call the Multisportscanada office and pay for shipping.
Draw prizes may be given out during the awards. Winners’ numbers are randomly picked by computer, out of a hat or by guessing!
Winners must be present at Awards to accept draw prizes.