Our Volunteers

Your efforts as a volunteer are key to the safety and enjoyment of all our events. Without the dedication of volunteers like you we would not be able to run these great events. Hopefully you will have lots of fun and an opportunity to learn about triathlon along the way. By getting up early and giving of your time means hundreds of athletes and their friends and families can have a successful day and possiblly a personal best effort.


The very success of the race depends on your energy and excitement. Your enthusiasm will translate to the atmosphere of the day. With organization and discipline we can ensure safety and great memories for everyone involved.

If you are interested in volunteering at any one of our events, we have a position for you.  A full summary of areas are posted below.


Registration and Package Pickup

While most of the registration takes place on-line weeks or months in advance of the race date, we always have folks that want to sign up the day before the race. The package pick up is a great place to get to know the athletes and start to build the excitement for the event. We typically are available for four hours one or two afternoon/early evenings immediately preceeding race dates at a sponsorship location (such as the Tri It Multisport store in Calgary). We do not have time on race morning to process a couple of hundred athletes! 
 Duties include:

- review of athlete info on database (excel skills for computer use) and/or input of new details

- put together goodie bags for each athlete that will include sponsorship samples, race bibs, swim caps, tshirts, and incentives such as race food samples or gift certificates

- answering athlete questions!!

Course/Site Setup

The early bird catches the worm here! We do some set up the day previous to the race but a lot happens in the wee small hours the morning of the race. Somebody has to make coffee for the rest of the volunteers!
Duties include:

- course signage setup including directional signage and course barricades/pylons (bike and run)

- site setup including sponsor tents, tables & chairs, sound systems, finish arch, etc.

Parking Marshalls

Volunteers need to show folks where to park and clear unloading zones in an orderly manner. We try to send out information in advance but many folks are not 100% awake yet, and may not take the time to read this information. They will rely on you, the volunteers sent from heaven to assist in all areas.

Race Morning pickup/Body Numbering/Chip Distribution

As with the pre-registration package pickup, we require support to hand out the event gear (tshirts, timing chips, goodie bags) just prior to the race start on event morning.  Be prepared to handle a lot of questions, stressed out athletes (since they thought they'd have lots of time to get everything done race morning), and equipment!

Swim Course

This is a great way to catch the race in action!  Volunteer support is required to help keep athletes on the correct path (if you catch my drift...).  You'll want to be comfortable in a canoe/kayak/SUP.

The Transition Zone

The transition zone is the heart and soul of the triathlon and a very busy place. This key area must be controlled carefully at all times. Athletes need lots of help and information before, during, and after they race. Athletes need to know where and how to rack their bikes and what will be allowed in their transition space, where to store addition change of clothes and bags/kits/tupperware containers and when they will be allowed to remove their belongings. We need strong volunteers that can take charge and know what's going on, with eyes in the back off their heads.

The Bike Course

This can be a challenging position! The bike portion is always the longest segment and potentially dangerous with higher speeds and local public traffic. We have police help at intersections with traffic lights or when we have to cross over traffic flow. Athletes need to be aware and cautioned at intersections with a loud voice and body movement.
We usually do not have aid stations on our bike courses unless it is a very long distance such as half ironman or longer. Each rider must bring with them what they may need. We have a safety support vehicle and sometimes motorcycles/scooters patrolling the course. Two way radios are often used to aid communications.

Course Motorcyclists

We are always in need of some motorcyclists to lead out the cyclists and roam the course to assist with athlete safety.

The Run Course

While it would be great if athletes could read a map, follow the directions of signage & pylons, they don't....their brains end up in their feet!

You'll be tasked with manning key intersections and directing athletes along the right path.

Don't forget to cheer them on!

Water/Feed Zones

Water!  We need you at our water stations to hand out water/sport drink to athletes as they keep going along the route.   Keep those cups filled and garbage cleared off the grounds.

The Finish Line

This is a great place to cheer on all the finishers!  You'll be the first to congratulate athletes as they cross the line....and they'll thank you for providing them a finisher medal (most events), directing them to the finisher foods and you will also work as security to keep all the Paparazzi at bay!

Food & Beverage

Volunteers here will cut up, prepare and maintain the snack foods and drinks for athletes.

Awards Ceremonies

We love to have an enthusiastic crew to assist with our awards ceremonies & draw prizes.  Duties would include coordinating the award medals and distribution of prizing.

Event Tear Down

We always require a fresh team to assist with the event wrap.  Duties would include tearing down and packing away all course and site equipment.  What typicallly takes 6-8 hours to setup will take 2-3 to pack away!

Event Photographers

Our photographers bring our events to life online for others to enjoy! We primarily have photographers for two areas; On-Course and Start/Finishline.
On-Course photographers take action shots of athletes as they pass on the Swim/Bike/Run courses.
FinishLine photographers are there to capture that great finisher photo as the athlete crosses the line.

All photos will be posted to our social media channels for athletes to view/download.