We value sustainability and are committed to doing our best to support the environment.

By focusing on the preservation of our environment, we can make choices that benefit the connection between a healthy life/lifestyle and guiding to a healthy planet.


Here are some examples of how we are making our events more sustainable:   

  • use of compostable cups or single-wall paper cups. 
    • Cups are sent to appropriate facilities post event (composting or recycling) 
  • We recycle! 
  • Reusable race signage.   You’ve likely seen our signs at many events!  We keep signage generic as much as possible to reuse at othe events and over many years.  Signage is recycled after they completed their lifespan
  • All events have digital event guides.  These are sent out via email the week of each event. 
  • We use city water where possible to support the hydration needs of our athletes.


We have made the decision to go ‘old school’ and offer cotton casual tshirts as the main shirt provided at our events. 
High quality cotton shirts will be provided with an option to upgrade to technical material.  


While the current standard is to provide ‘technical’ tshirt, these polyester fibre fabrics are not biodegradable, utilize far more oil during production, and can shed toxic microfibres.  All of which adds to the building of microplastics in the environment.  Cotton does consume more water in its production, but uses less energy and is completely biodegradable within a few months to a few years.

*note – quality cotton tshirts have a higher price point than the majority of ‘technical’ tshirts.


This is just a start of some of the sustainable commitments we have.  Many ‘behind the scenes’ guidelines are implemented to ensure a sustainable event.

Multisportscanada strives to be greener and are committed to using best practices to reduce the environmental obstacles from hosting an event.