Wetaskiwin Triathlon

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Date(s) - 11/06/2022
8:00 am - 1:00 pm

The Manluk Centre


The 4th annual Wetaskawin Triathlon offers a great pool swim, with a variety of event distances including the Olympic, Sprint, Tri it, Duathlon AND a Kids of Steel.   Don’t forget that we have also added a 5k and 10k run!

All money raised will be going to support Mental Health Initiatives in our community.

Standard Distance Triathlon
starting at
1.5km Swim, 40km Bike, 10km Run

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Sprint Distance Triathlon
starts at
750m Swim, 20km Bike, 5km Run

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Tri it Distance Triathlon
starts at
300m Swim, 10km Bike, 2.5km Run

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Duathlon-no swim!
starts at
Cut the Swim! 10k run, 40k bike, 5k run

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Kids of Steel
starts at
a great event for kids ages 4-11

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5k/10k Run
starts at
Forget that swim and bike – just run!

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*Register EARLY!  Fees increase April 1 and on May 12.
*Fees DO NOT include GST or online transaction fees
*Alberta Triathlon membership required. You will be required to provide a valid membership number or purchase a membership (annual or  $20 ‘day insurance’)

All entrants are subject to refund if the race does not go on because of unforeseen circumstances. 


Manluk Centre
4514 50 Ave
Wetaskiwin, AB T9A 2Z5


There is ample parking in the rec centre lot.
Please follow the directions of the volunteers upon arrival.


Package Pickup

  • Friday June 10   4pm-8pm @ Manluk Centre pool

Bike Check

The bike check is not required.

Race Day  June 11th – Saturday

  •  7:00am- 7:45am
    Transition Opens, Check-in, and Late package pickup
  • Pre-race briefing 5 minutes prior to race start
  • 8:00am-9:45am ADULT Race starts!
  • 8:30am 5& 10k Races START
  • 9:30am  Kids of Steel check-in
  • 10:20am Kids of Steel race meeting
  • ~10:30am Kids of Steel races start
  • 12:00pm Post-race munchies & draw prizes on site

** Note: ALL ADULT Athletes must be checked into transition by 7:45am to ensure there is no congestion in the transition area.
** KIDS OF STEEL race day check-in details to follow.

Wave Starts
Details here
** don’t see yourself on the list, or need to change your swim time?  Please just add yourself to the most appropriate heat.  The data file will not be updated


The Swim 

Standard = 1500m (60 lengths)      |      Sprint  = 750m (30 lengths)     |      Tri It = 300m (12 lengths)

The swim course will take place at the Manluk Centre Aquatic facility (25m length, 6 lane). We will start 4 athletes per lane and you will complete your # of lengths of the pool. Volunteers will be on hand to count your laps and will put a flutterboard in the water when you have 2 lengths remaining. You will be assigned a wave # and start time which will be posted on the website & package pick-up locations, as well as posted at the race start. Athletes are asked that if they are feeling any trouble or difficulty during the swim portion to either raise their hand and a lifeguard will be there to assist you within seconds. We would like to thank the staff for their support of this event.
** note the swim is ‘continuous feed’  – after the first start, when one athlete exits their lane, we send another to fill their spot.  Be on deck well in advance of your estimated start time.

• Always swim on the Right side of the lane. If you are going to get passed (or going to pass) wait until the end of the lap and stay to the right…let the faster swimmer pass on your left.
• All athletes must wear the swim cap and timing chip/band provided race morning.
• Ensure you start in the appropriate heat. As each athlete enters the water, we will start the next athlete.
• Lifeguards will patrol the pool should you require assistance.
• You may use any stroke that makes you comfortable, however no floatation devices can be used.


Under 7yrs = 50m  |  8-9 Yrs = 100m  |  10-11Yrs = 200m

We will start a maximum of 4 athletes per lane. Flotation devices are allowed (not provided) for the 7&under category.
*NOTE – We will not start the next age group until they have completed the swim and are well into their bike.

The Bike 

Standard & Duathlon = 40Km (4 laps)   | Sprint = 20Km (2 laps  | Tri It = 10Km (1 lap)


Athletes exit transition and head North along 47th Street.  Athletes make a right turn onto Hwy 13, and then another right turn onto 36th Streeth heading south. Athletes continue south to Hwy 613 and make a right turn heading west.  Turn right on 45th Street and continue north to 48th ave where you take a left turn.  Continue west along 48th Ave back to 47th street where you will turn right and get to the lap/finish point.

Please keep in mind that the course will be open to vehicle traffic, and you are to treat this event as any other training ride and be very road wise while on the course. Vehicles will always have the right of way at intersections, and we will have volunteers to stop traffic when athletes are approaching, but remember you are responsible for your own safety while out on the course, and accidents can happen.

Please remember to look around you while on the course to foresee any unfortunate incidents that can occur. Remember to have fun on the course, and keep safety at the utmost priority.


  • Riders must wear ANSI approved helmets that are fastened for the entire race.
  • Participants may use road or mountain bikes.
  • All bike repairs are done by cyclists only.
  • Portable music players are not permitted.
  • The practice of drafting behind cyclists is illegal.
  • The certified flaggers and volunteers will control traffic and monitor safety at all major intersections.
  • Course Marshals will direct competitors and assist with traffic control.
7& UNDER 8-9 YEARS 10-11 YEARS
1 Lap
2 Laps
2 Laps
  • Athletes will exit transition and head south on 46a Street to 48 Ave.  Athletes will head East on 48 ave.  The 7&Under category will turnaround at 45 street and return to finish.

    The 8-9/10-11 age groups will continue south on 45 street and turnaround at Wildrose Garden Estate.  They will return the same way and begin their second lap at 46a/48ave intersection.

The Run 

Standard = 10Km (4 laps)      |    Sprint = 5Km (2 laps)    |     Tri It = 2.5Km (1  lap)
Duathlon = 4 laps (first run), 2 laps (2nd run)

The run will travel west out of transition and then north along the sidewalk adjacent to 47th street.  Athletes will turn right onto 52nd Ave and follow that to a left turn at 45th Street.  Following 45th north, athletes will take a right turn on 56 ave followed by another right turn onto 44th Street.  Athletes follow this south past Sacred Heart School, to make another right turn back towards the starting area.  Tri it distance athletes go to the finish on the track.  Sprint athletes complete 2 laps of the route followed by 1 complete lap of the track!  Olympic distance athletes do 4 laps of the route and finish with 2 laps of the track!

  • Escort runners are not allowed.
  • Portable music players are not permitted.
  • The route will be marked with directional arrows,pylons, and volunteers will assist in directing competitors

There are 2 water stations on the run course offering water and sports drink.

Kids of Steel Run 
7& UNDER 8-9 YEARS 10-11 YEARS
1/2 Lap
1 Lap
2 Laps
  • Exiting transition to the north, athletes will follow the pathway and direction of volunteers.

    7&under athletes will loop to the east of the facility and run to the track/finishline.

    8-9/10-11 athletes will head north on the pathway and then turn right onto the sidewalk at 52 ave.  Following the sidewalk, athletes will turn right at 44 Street and turn right following the adult route towards the track.

    8-9yr athletes will turn onto the track to the finish.  10-11yr athletes will turn right and complete one additional lap of the above route prior to coming to the finish.

    Please be sure you drink lots of fluids on the bike course, as well as take advantage of the two aid stations on the run course for each lap. The weather can be unpredictable so please dress appropriately.

    Volunteers will be on hand to marshal the course and signage will indicate turns etc

    Please wear your race number on the front of your jersey/t-shirt (no bare chests allowed).


This is the area where everything takes place and in highly competitive races, the place where a race can be won or lost!
Please place your bike and equipment and, once settled, look around to ‘site’ your location. What are you next to? What does your towel look like? What rack/row/line are you in? A good idea is to set up your area, leaving transition and then walk towards your bike when coming from the pool.
*NOTE: Transition will remain open once the race starts, but please stay next to your bike to avoid collisions with athletes that are currently racing.
**NOTE: Please have only what you will be racing with placed by your bike. No large bags, buckets or bins are allowed next to your bike


The role of the Wetaskiwin Health Foundation is to:

  • raise funds and enhance health services for residents of Wetaskiwin and surrounding areas
  • raise awareness in the community about health care needs

The Foundation will be celebrating 30 years of fundraising in 2016. Through the community’s support and generosity, the Wetaskiwin Health Foundation has disbursed approximately $2.25 Million over the past 7 years and close to $5.5 Million since 1986.

Every dollar has been strategically invested into leading edge technology and patient care enhancement.

100% of every dollar raised in Wetaskiwin & surrounding areas stays in Wetaskiwin!

Help out a great cause and reward yourself in the process!

Prizes will be awarded based on individual fundraising and not team totals.

See fundraising incentive prize levels below:

Free entry for 2023! Free race entry for 2023
2023 Long Sleeve Tech T
Free race entry for 2022
Free race entry for 2023
Long Sleeve Tech T for 2023
Free race 2022
Free race entry for 2023
Long Sleeve Tech T for 2023

* 2022 entry fees will be refunded after the event.
* prizing may change.

Complete pledge forms and donations will also be collected on race day at the charity booth. Online donations will remain open until the end of June 2022.

Tax receipts will be issued for gifts of $20 or more and will be mailed out by the charity at the end of the year.

Prizing will be made available by the end of July.


Please support our event sponsors!